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Just wanted to drop a note to apologise for being so flakey.  How's the recruitment going?  I'm going to go on later and level/recruit. I've just had one of those weeks in which plot bunnies and video bunnies (oh, and schoolwork and homework and all the rest of it) took over.

Hope you're all not too annoyed!


Driving me up the wall

Recruitment, that is.

Or lack thereof.


Just thought I'd complain about that. lol. Any suggestions? 

EU :[

Last week this guild attempted to recruit some players from the WoW Ladies community. I definitely liked the idea and attempted to create an EU server toon but since I am US, I found I could not . With the permission of the recruiter and I'm assuming GM of the guild, I am allowed to post here and live vicariously on your server through all of you! 

I generally have nothing to do except for eating, WoWing, schooling and gyming so in between time is usually spent on WoW Ladies or browsing other WoW related sites. As such, once I get started here, I might not stop. :] I like to talk... a lot. I don't know if the guild is Alliance or Horde but I'll go ahead and pretend my main is the one you would all know. Her name is Melior, just call her Mel, and she is a level 72 frost Death Knight. Yeah, yeah - roll your eyes. Go ahead. No, really. Do it. I know DK's are the new Huntards but frankly, I enjoy playing her and that is all the matters. Pre-WotLK, my main was a shadow priest. I still like her a tiny bit but most of my attention has been devoted to my Death Knight ever since she dinged 70 [read: first 70 EVER after playing the game for 2+ years. I have altitis and I have it bad].

As for reading/writing, I grew up in my grandma's bookstore so I'd say it's in my blood. I'm majoring in game design and minoring in creative writing. :] Unfortunately, I don't really get any of my stories onto paper or errr screen. They all float around my big empty head until the details start to go away and then I eventually start a new, completely different story. I'm hoping this will help them come out of hiding.

So, I actually should be writing a satirical article right now, only its whooping my butt which is why I popped over here. Back I go to homework. I hope you all have tons of fun and good luck with recruiting. I'm still too scared to try to sneak onto an EU server via the method the recruiter told me so if anyone knows anything more about it, let me know! My altitis is begging me to get onto your server. Nice to meet you all!

What about... a Writing Challenge?

Hello, writers!

My name is Diana, but you can call me Storm. I was going to say that I'm a normal young lady... but I'm not. You can call me crazy, weird, and different, because that's what I am :) I'm the average geek. I love comics, video games, online games... I'm a Star Wars fan and I will always thank Tolkien for introducing me in the world of fantasy. I can't live without chocolate, horses and music. And what more can I say? If you want to know anything just ask :) (and sorry for any mistakes I may have given, I'm from that little country named Portugal ^^)
Inside of World of Warcraft, I'm Asoka, one of the officers. And it's with that "job" in mind that I'm posting this entry.

Well, we are a writing guild. Some of us write a lot, and others, not that much. But we all enjoy writing, and that's what matters. Then, I'm going to purpose a little and simple challenge:

What about writing something introducing your character?

You could write like in a diary page, a memory... on the 1st or 3rd person. As you prefer. The only rule is that you write about your character; his/her past story, likes, deslikes...
So, what do you think? The ones who want to enter the challenge tell me about it here on in the game. Soon we will create the tag and you'll be able to post it here in LJ!

May your swords stay sharp,



In lieu of any sort of writing I might have (i.e. none), I have the hankering to introduce myself for some reason. Dunno why, but I figure there's room enough for that on here :)

I've been playing WoW since the end of 2005, starting out on the US servers and migrating over to the EU side in 2007. My main is on Hellscream, a BE mage named Alyzabeth that I *just* got to 80 after stomping through most of Northrend with my fiance, Sollog the troll (fiance in real life, not in-game, we're not on a RP server :P). On Hellfire I have one 59 NE druid that's been sitting in limbo for eons since the last guild she was in dropped her (no good loss I figure, since most of the time I was being solicited for sex from the officers >.<). My toon in Ink & Parchment is Caesarea, my baby human pally who I have a great many ideas for; I was originally thinking of putting her on a RP server (never played on one of those before) but decided to put her on Hellfire when I saw Bassair advertising for guild siggies on LJ :)

IRL, I'm a lot less interesting. I live on the west coast, the Pacific Northwest of the US in Portland, OR. I was born in California, so I've lived my entire life in the States, but I am engaged to a Brit (Sollog the troll, mentioned above). We're planning on getting married in May when he comes to visit me here in the States, then I will be starting the expensive and nerve-wracking process of getting a spousal visa to come and make a name for myself in the UK. Once I do move over, I'll be living in Northampton somewhere.

So, being a Yank, I'm 8 hours behind UK time, and 9 hours behind server time. Hence why I do late-night recruiting, and hence why you guys might not see me a lot :( It's normally time for me to go to bed just as your day is starting, but I'll do the best I can via LJ and such to help get things going.

Hobbies include reading (working on Stephen King at the moment, urgh), writing (which I don't do nearly enough of, but hopefully that will change), and WoW. I'm kinda a stereotypical nerd, kinda shut-in a bit, and somewhat shy even in WoW, so I'm not trying to be quiet, I'm just feeling awkward :P I went to school to learn to stab people with needles and stuff (not a nurse, one level down from a nurse, but the position I went to school for doesn't exist in the UK so it doesn't really matter--it's just that my favorite part was stabbing people :P).

And I put way too much in parentheses >.<

So yeah, if you need to get in touch with me, just email me at kittenfish182@hotmail.com, or add me to MSN if you have it, and I'll usually be around.

~Caesarea/Tammy (IRL)


Okay, so it seems recruiting for a writing guild is...............I will not say the "I" word. Instead, I shall say "exceedingly difficult."

So, how about making it for writers and for readers?  After all, everyone who writes needs someone to review what they write..

Any thoughts?

EDIT:  Okay, new recruitment ad:

Ink and Parchment, are recruiting! We accept everyone of all levels and classes. We only ask that you read or write in some way (poetry, novels, fanfic, songs etc). If you write, this is where you want to be! We have an LJ community. /w me!

Have fun with that... lol


Welcome aboard, members!

Please read the rules, situated in our profile.

If you like writing and WoW, this is the guild for you!

Ink and Parchment is a guild for WoW and for writing in equal measure.  We support original writing and fanfiction, so slamming one or the other is not allowed.

Please use tags.  As of yet, we don't have any posts, so please use the "request a tag" tag and we'll tag your post for you. 

You must be a member of the guild (or an ex-member who wishes to remain in contact) to be a member of the community.  (There are but a couple of exceptions to this rule.)

When we have more members, I'll post a topic and list links to member's journals and who they are in WoW. As well as a list of alts.

This community is for pretty much everything.  You can have a rant about your day, link to a rant about your day or talk about your levelling/achievements. Please, do not complain about members of the guild on this community.  Contact me or an officer privately if you have a problem, either on here or on WoW through mail or whisper.

We're looking to get more members, but don't recruit willy-nilly. We want writers, not just anyone, although you can request a friend joining.

If you would like to recruit for us, ask me or an officer and we will give you the recruitment line and turn you into a Recruitment Officer in the guild.

I believe this is all for now.

Start posting, guildies :)